Children’s Eyesight

Young children are generally not aware they have a vision problem as their vision does not suddenly go blurred, they do not complain as they do not realise that something is wrong.

Therefore, we recommend that children have eye examinations from an early age in the same way that they would have dental exams.

Generally, a child should have their first eye exam at about age 3. If there is a family history of Strabismus (eye turns) or Amblyopia (lazy eye) or if there is a concern the examination should be sooner. If all is well at 3 check up at age 4-5 is appropriate.

Screening in school at age 5 will identify a ‘lazy’ eye or a ‘turn’ in an eye. It is important to know that this is not a full eye examination.




Children have two eyes, so it’s not just about clarity of sight, but how the two eyes work together and process what they are seeing

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