Contact Lenses

There are many contact lenses available now. Which one is the best for your vision and eye health? Our experienced Optometrists, Fiona, Aíne or Barbara will carry out a full assessment and consultation to determine the best option in contact lenses to meet your vision and lifestyle requirements. Our experienced optical assistants will advise you on how to put in and take out your contact lenses and if you need a few sessions to be confident handling your contact lenses that is no problem.

Contact lenses can be worn full-time or part time e.g. for sports, social occasions, work or holidays.

If you have been unsuccessful with contact lenses in the past for whatever reason we are happy to discuss a retrial. There are newer, more advanced and more comfortable contact lenses available now and may be successful for you

Contact  Lens  Types

Daily Disposable

Suitable for full time or occasional/part time wearers. Daily disposable contact lenses are becoming the most popular modality in contact lens wear. By using a new set of contact lenses every day, your eye is less likely to develop any complications.

Newer material in daily contact lenses are more breathable (allow more oxygen to the eye) and are less likely to feel dry on the eye.

Week/Month Daily Disposable

Many full-time contact lens wearers use this modality. They are reusable – up to 2 weeks or a month- and require greater care than a daily disposable lens. They are less expensive and are available in a greater prescription range and so are more suitable for higher or unusual prescriptions. Modern monthly and 2 weekly disposable contact lenses are made in more breathable materials ensuring healthy eyes when following the recommended wearing schedule and hygiene and cleaning regime.

All the above contact lenses are available for the following prescriptions

Short sighted- Myopia, Long/far sighted- Hyperopia, Astigmatism – Toric CLs, Presbyopia- Multifocal CLs, Coloured Cls

We also fit special lenses e.g. Gas permeable contact lenses for High Astigmatism and Keratoconus

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