Eye Examinations

Your eyes and your vision needs are individual to you. We tailor your eye examination to suit your needs.  We place emphasis on your eyecare, and you will get a professional eye examination in a friendly consulting room with only the most up to date clinical equipment.


A typical eye examination example is as follows;

You will first be asked a few questions about your eyes and any problems you may be having with them. Also, some medical history and family eye history. Your work, hobbies and leisure activities are also useful to know in order to tailor the eye exam and recommendations to your needs.

Next, your vision is assessed and a refraction (eye test) completed. This measures the spectacle lens strength that will give the best vision possible for you. Your binocular vision is also assessed, that is, this is how your eyes work ‘together’.

Examination of the back and front of the eyes comes next. The eye is examined from the lids and lashes to the cornea and further back to the anterior chamber of the eye, the lens and the posterior chamber and lastly the retina. The retinal examination includes, an examination of the optic nerve head, macula, retinal blood vessels and the peripheral retina.

On occasion, it may be necessary to use drops to dilate (enlarge) the pupil in order to get a better view of the eye.

IOP- Intra-ocular pressure is also measured using a Tonometer using a ‘puff of air’ to measure the eye pressure. This is one of the tests to check for Glaucoma.

Visual field examination is also available and carried out as appropriate.

Retinal photography may be performed – this images the surface of the retina and is useful to detect abnormalities and to monitor changes in the retina.

OCT- Ocular Coherence Tomography

This is the latest technology to examine the retina and produces a scan which allows your Optometrist to look not only at the retinal surface but at the layers of the retina beneath the surface. This allows for earlier detection and monitoring of conditions such as AMD (age related macular degeneration), Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular holes, Epiretinal membranes and other eye conditions.

The OCT machine can also scan the cornea and anterior chamber of the eye.

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